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By | December 27, 2015

Does Groei360 receding hairline treatment spray  really work. The manufacturer of Groei360 is Mint Cosmetics which is based in the UK.  Mint Cosmetics claim the hair loss treatment works for both women and men.  This is quite a bold statement given that the causes of hair loss can differ, not only by individual but also by the sexes.  However the research and testing of the Groei360 formulation has been undertaken by a company with 25 years experience in the hair regrowth industry.  The ingredients  listed on the product are all known to have hair rejuvenation qualities.   This is our Groei360 review.

Groei360 Review:  The promise of a full head of  hair

Groei360 ReviewThere is a lot of hair loss treatments available which guarantee heaven and earth but only a few of these hair loss solutions actually deliver on the promise. According to the official website Groei360 is not an overnight miracle cure.  It works by improving the health of the scalp and this may take 21 days of treatment before the user notices the hair is no longer falling out.  Another 6 weeks of treatment is required before the hair follicles spark into life and move out of the dormant state. Hair will begin to grow back as the follicles strengthen.  Initially the growth is very quiet and new hair strands can be felt but may still be difficult to see.  It is expected to take 4-6 months before the hair becomes increasingly thicker, darker and a receding hairline becomes a thing of the past.


Groei360 Review

Groei360 Benefits

  • It encourages blood circulation to the scalp
  • Stops hair loss and generates new hair growth
  • There are no known side effects.
  • Nourishes the scalp with nutrients and anti-oxidants
  • Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) clinical tests show increasing hair thickness over time
  • The company offers a 60 day money-back guarantee
  • The cost is very favorable compared to similar products on the market
  • It can work well with other receding hairline treatments.
  • 90% success rate
  • Spray application for ease of use.
  • It contains no steroids or sulfates and does not irritate the skin.

Groei360 Cons

  • Patience is a virtue.  The visible improvements are likely to take 4-6 months.  However there are no quick fixes for hair loss
  • 10% of customers will not experience regrowth.  There may be a number of causes for this including the your own unique reason for hair loss or inconsistent use of the product

Groei360 Ingredients

Groei360 a spray made with a blend of natural ingredients.  The ingredients have a history in hair loss treatment products, however it is the combination of ingredients which set this product aside from other hair loss products on the market.   25 years of research and testing are behind the Groei360  formulation which seeks to address the root cause of hair loss.

The list of ingredients in Groei360

The list of ingredients on Groie360 is quite impressive the company has no qualms including all ingredients in the product details:  Purified water, green tea extract, siberian ginseng extract, calendula officialis extract, tea tree oil, vitamins A,C & E, baking soda, white vinegar, denatured alcohol, panthenol, nettle extract and vegetable glycerine

Green Tea Extract contains EGCG a strong antioxidant which has the ability to stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair follicle.   Green tea has DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blockers considered one of the main causes of baldness.   Green tea has anti-aging properties which help to offset the effects of hair loss related to premature aging.  Green tea is known as having wide ranging health benefits it has no side effects and it is welcome inclusion in the Groei360 product mix.

Ginseng  contains ginsenosides which have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.  These properties are believed to help promote hair growth by reducing or preventing scalp cell death.  Ginseng also contains properties which help reduce blood pressure and stress which are often linked to premature hair loss.

Nettle Extract is another ingredient with DHT blocking capability.  Hormonal changes can lead to hair loss for men and women and DHT is a primary culprit. DHT blocks vital nutrients from hair and shrinks hair follicles.  Nettle extract can inhibit the body’s ability to produce DHT.

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is extracted from the leaves of tea tree shrubs grown along the  northern coast of New South Wales in Australia.  The tea tree bush is related to manuka found in New Zealand both shrubs are known for their antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.  The quaint camphor like smell is also a common factor for both plants.  It has been found that a small amount of tea tree oil helps aid faster hair growth.  Tea tree can cure hair loss which is caused by a build up dead cells on the scalp (seborrheic dermatitis).  Tea tree oil works to cleanse and rejuvenate hair follicles allowing new hair growth to occur. No surprise Groei360 has included tea tree oil in the list of ingredients.  Tea tree oil may not be as an effective treatment for hair loss related to autoimmune disease or pattern baldness.  Tea tree oil is astringent and its use on the skin or scalp should be in conjunction with suitable carriers.

Calendula  are known commonly as marigolds and are rich in minerals and anti-oxidants.  Calendula oil applied to the scalp promotes hair growth and stronger hair.  This is achieved by the increase in collagen production and circulation in hair follicles.

Vegetable Glycerin – is natural and organic  and used many cosmetic and medicinal products.  Glycerin is capable of retaining moisture in the scalp and it is this property which helps to boost hair growth. It is a plant based extract used commonly in a range of hair care products and considered to be completely safe.   A dry scalp is a common symptom in baldness or receding hairlines

Potent Vitamin Combo (A, C, and E) –  Groei360  includes Vitamins A, C, and E.  These vitamins help blood circulation and increase oxygen uptake.  Oxygen replenishes thinning hair, regenerates follicles and strengthens hair.  Vitamin A is an antioxidant known as retinol.  It helps to produce an oily substance called sebum which is secreted by the scalp.  Vitamin E improves the body’s immune function which increases the potential to reduce hair loss

Baking Soda is known as an alkaline irritant but it  regulates PH levels when in combination with other ingredients.  Baking soda in water alone will have a PH of 9 causing hair to become dry and brittle giving baking soda a bad wrap in the process.   It is a powerful cleanser and is often used in combination with vinegar.

Vinegar is known to prevent oil buildup in hair and this cleansing of the scalp is probably the reason it is included in the Groei360 product

Denatured Alcohol is a natural preservative used to help preserve the Groei 360 mix of ingredients.  As a natural product it does not compromise safety

Groei360 Safety and Side Effects

It would seem that some of the ingredients used in Groei360 could on their own irritate the skin.  Tea tree can cause skin irritation if used neat without a carrier. Baking soda is far too alkaline and will dry out hair if it is used with water alone.  Nettle extract can cause skin irritation and a number of other side effects.  The key is the mix of ingredients.  Mint Cosmetics has worked hard to formulate a balance between the Groei360  ingredients to produce a safe product.  We have seen no damaging reviews or negative feedback to date and are unaware of any known side effects.   As with any new product it would be advisable to consult a doctor before applying Groei360 if there are any pre-existing skin conditions.

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Why choose Groei360 Groei360 Review

Groei360 is a great choice for anyone looking for a natural and non-invasive hair loss treatment.  Groei360 contains ingredient known for improving the health of hair and scalp and ingredients known for hair regrowth qualities. Groei360 is easy to apply just spray the scalp evenly twice a day.  No mess no fuss.

The manufacturing company, Mint Cosmetics, is no slouch or fly by night in the cosmetic industry they also manufacture a teeth whitening product which consistently enjoys rave reviews. We have been unable to find any complaints regarding the customer service and have not seen any complaints or disputes regarding the money back policy.  Mint Cosmetics will ship anywhere in the world.

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Groei360 ReviewWhy choose Groei360

Groei360 is a good option for someone looking for a product to regrow thinning or a receding hairline.  The product is inexpensive compared to some of the competitors in the market and contains a 60 day money back guarantee. Groei360 contains a huge range of ingredients known for hair regrowth, natural products with no known side effects to date.   It may take 4-6 months to see results but so does any hair regrowth treatment.  The only drawback we see is that the product may not work for every head of hair.


Groei360 Reviews

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